Monday, 11 June 2012


Welcome to What You Rocking?

Some of you may have seen my first aborted attempt to blog the What You Rocking thing - it was rapidly abandoned as it floundered along its way.

In place of the blog I stripped it right back to basics and have been using the #whatyourocking hashtag on Instagram and on Twitter - and a fair few people along the way have started joining in. Some are aware of the background, some aren't - and either way it's been amazing to see people from far and wide using the tag and enjoying fashion and style, in a thrifty way!

The idea behind What You Rocking isn't just style - it's about feeling amazing, thinking about what you're putting together, and doing it on a budget. 

With my own #Whatyourocking pictures the general rule is that the outfit has almost always cost me less than £30 to put together - and I very, very rarely spend more than £10 on one item of clothing - though I might push the boat out for shoes and double up the budget! 

I am fanatical about bargain hunting and always on the look out for something different that I can style up. I have some basic sewing skills, a mad love for bright colours and tend to go a bit bold and OTT. 

I do most of my shopping from sale rails and charity shops, think TKMaxx is like Mecca and take huge delight in saying things like "You like it? FOUR POUNDS IN ASDA!" when people compliment my dress. 

If you want to rock some fabulous style and have tight purse strings to do it with, stick around - I have a lot to teach you grasshopper. 

Dress - Asda, £5. Shoes, New Look, £16. Necklace, Matalan, £2. 


  1. Hey :) nice to see a fresh face and hope to join in on your posts!

    1. Hey Gem thanks for commenting - would love to see you joining in :-)

  2. I can't believe that dress was £5! Absolute bargain!!

    1. Isn't it amazing! I have taught him well!