Friday, 15 June 2012


I love dresses. I think this is something you'll notice if you follow the blog - or the #whatyourocking hashtag on twitter or instagram. 

This dress came from Peacocks - it cost all of £5 from their sale rail and I fell in love with the strawberry print and cute collar. 

I bought it a size too big and lost a bit of weight recently (have I shouted that at you yet? I LOST WEIGHT!) so it's a bit big - which means I need a belt with it. 

This one came from a charity shop for a pound - I LOVE charity shops - and this was, as so many things are, from the British Heart Foundation in Dorchester. 

It claimed to be leather but I think we all know that isn't entirely true - but it IS sparkly around the buckle, which is always a winner. 

The strawberries are properly cute - and the polkadots - I love polkadots. 

This outfit makes me feel a little bit rock chick - which is a look I like - but in a way I can just about get away with at work. 

I teamed the dress with some boots I picked up from Shoe Zone (cheap and cheerful!) for £12 - they are just amazing - this time I laced them right up to look a bit steampunk and funky - but they have some fluffy fake sheepskin inside and can be worn folded down for a totally different look, which is awesome - like two pairs of boots in one. 

I would recommend re-heeling them though as they come with the standard plastic heels on and those wear quite quickly - I'd say do that for all the heels you buy actually. 

You can see in the pic above that I added in some purple tights (next, £5 - which is a lot for tights for me!) and below you can see the jewellery I threw on. 

The bracelet I bought for my sister-in-law's wedding last weekend - Matalan, £2.50 (I got the matching necklace too - that will appear next week!) and the necklace I got from the Avon sale - I think I paid £6 for it, and got my Mum a matching one - it really opens, and I really want to stash something inside it but can't think what! You can see the earrings in the first pic are the same £4 British Heart Foundation pair I wore here.

I think this is one of my favourite outfits - I feel confident in it and it feels very me - what do you think? What cute prints have you been rocking this week? #WhatYouRocking?

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