Thursday, 14 June 2012


I bought this yellow skirt from Peacocks for £7. I love it because it's all swishy and yellow and has a petticoat, but I'm never sure what top to put it with. I wore it a couple of months ago with a white polo neck jumper, but it's too warm for that now (even though it's only fake summer, and has rained all day) so I wasn't really sure how to make it an outfit.

I ended up wearing this top, which I got in Next as one of my possible interview outfits for the job I do now - it was £12 in their sale and is MEANT to have a white ruffle top and puff sleeves, but was subjected to a wash by my husband that coloured it grey. I figure since grey matches the tank top part I'll keep wearing it. 

As I wasn't entirely sure I teamed it with a bright yellow belt - two (of different colours) for £3 from Matalan - and the bright blue wedges I got in New Look two summers ago to add a pop of contrast. 

I wasn't completely sold on this as an outfit, but feedback at work was positive so maybe it worked after all. What do you think? This top - yey or nay? 

 I didn't edit out my fingers from the pic again because it caused such hilarity on instagram yesterday - but this time they are more obviously my fingers! Also I really need to paint my toenails again...
As you can see I'm also wearing my white jacket from this previous post today and you can just see the satchel I got from the Cybher conference last month - which I have been using daily as my work bag - it stops me carrying too much crap and is the perfect size for my massive family diary! 


  1. The grey goes really well with the yellow. I have shoes like those ones in black and similar ones in a tartan pattern. Both from New Look.
    It's very sexy-secretary-esque.
    I think you got it totally right.

    1. I love these shoes - I wish I'd got them in more colours! I saw the tartan ones when I got these and wimped out!

      Thank you - I might even wear this again now you've been so nice! I do heart you x