Saturday, 16 June 2012

The weekend edition

I recently bought some jeans - jeans that actually fit. They happen to be skinny jeans (I know, right) and they also happened, originally, to be dark green. 

The dark green lasted, oh, all of an hour - I thought I'd just quickly bleach the bathroom. Which meant splashing bleach on my new green jeans. Which meant bleaching them a sort of yellow colour down one shin. 


Since I had already done it I thought it was best to give it some more bleach and see what happened. This is the result. A much lighter green with yellow streaks down the legs - I think they look awesome - but I'm sure I will bore of that soon, so I have a pack of dark green dye in a drawer waiting for me to fix them.

The jeans cost £8 in the New Look sale. The bottle of bleach cost a pound!

The top, just a plain black polo neck, came in a pack of two - the other is a kind of burgandy colour - that I got from ebay a couple of years ago. I can't remember what I paid but it will have cost less than £10, because I'm stingy, and I was even more stingy two years ago than I am now.

I have also recorded here, for posterity, that I wore matching socks today. Unless they're some kind of novelty sock I never wear a matching pair - so this is mainly here to prove to my Dad that I can.

The most important part of today's outfit is a little bit of a cheat in the #whatyourocking rules. These boots. 

Technically they do fit in the rules, since I was given them for free, so the outfit still came in at less than £30. 

My Mum gave me these boots. They cost her a LOT more than £30. They were her absolute favourite boots, and she wore them everywhere. I complimented heavily, I gave her puppy eyes and looked mournful. It took a few years - but eventually she bought herself new boots, and gave in, and the boots are mine! 

Man I love these boots. 


  1. Those boots are amazing! Your mum has good taste as do you!
    I love the green jeans too....even with the new bleach patterns. x

    1. I'm still a bit up and down about whether I love the jeans or not - but I know I have the dye there so I'm wearing them out a lot to build the love!