Monday, 30 July 2012

Awesome new bag

Some days you find treasure, some days treasure is thrust upon you. Either way it's great. 

My lovely friend Laura instagrammed a picture of this little bag, then let slip that it was less than £6. It was a beautiful moment. 

So I hopped on to eBay and BOOM, less than a week later it was here. I LOVE it. It's just big enough for a diary, purse and keys thus the perfect bag for basically every single day. 

It comes in a whole bunch of colours, so I strongly recommend you pop over and buy yourself one (for every occasion) - it'll be a hit. 


  1. Fashion guy on Lorraine Kelly show said to buy as much owl related fashion as you can as it will be the height of fashion in the autumn. Also other woodland creatures. Love the bag a bit too young for me I think.

    1. It so isn't! Get onto ebay and buy one before they're all gone!

  2. I love Owl things at the moment. I long for an Owl Necklace for some reason.
    I love the green, orange and pink. x
    *i must not buy a new bag, i must not buy a new bag.....*