Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Trousers, like a boy!

I don't often wear trousers, particularly not for work. I don't feel good in them and find it hard to find a pair that is long enough and high waisted enough to stop me looking like a flappy ankled love handle machine.

These linen trousers from Next (£11 in the sale - I broke my own rule!) are, so far, the only work trousers I will wear and I'm still not 100% happy.

The top is massively comfortable and I do feel good in it - aside from, as you can see below, it riding up a little as the day progresses and flashing strips of crinkled flesh to any poor passer by.

I wore my deck shoes - bottle green and £17 in TKMaxx - and a necklace my husband gave me (he got three for £10 from a market stall) and overall I felt ok, but not amazing. I'm not great at trousers!

1 comment:

  1. I only wear skinny jeans or Zara trousers that are pleated up front and go slimmer down the leg. Trousers that are wide at the bottom do not make me feel amazing either (I swore several years ago that I'd never wear either type of trousers described above :)