Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Grey makes me feel colourful

I think it would be all too easy to feel flat and grim wearing grey - but I love it. It isn't as harsh as black but looks classic and smart however you wear it - and it's a very good shade to add any and all the colours too to add some excitement to your look without having to go for the bold patterns and colours I would wear that others might shy away from.

You can make any outfit look bright with accessories - as this necklace that my kids call the planets clearly shows! 

This little grey jumper dress is from Asda a couple of years ago, it's holding up well and has kept its shape despite my aversion to irons and much wear and washing. 

Now I need to work on finding some more flattering trousers to wear underneath - this jersey pair, though more comfortable than anything on earth, look misshapen and lumpy these days - I can get away with it at home with that small man for company, but perhaps not so much out and about! 

He's a blur - he's a busy little man - but he too likes a bit of grey ;-) 

How do you wear grey? Show me what YOU'RE rocking x

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