Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bargain of the month

I know I have a lot of coats already - but I cannot walk away from a bargain, and I do love blue! 

I popped to the dump (having missed the bin men AGAIN) and as always I had a rummage around in the area where they sell things people have inexplicably dumped when they're still perfectly good. 

There among the crockery and strange furniture was this coat. Perfect condition, sans belt, my size, wool blend from Florence and Fred (aka Tesco) dumped because the collar had dirt on. That's literally the only reason I can think they dumped it - it was grubby. 

So I gave the lady 50p, popped it in the washing machine when I got home and baboom - a practically new coat for an absolute bargain! 

I LOVE the tulip shape of the coat, and the oversized collar, and the nipped in waist. Now I just need to decide how to belt it and it will be a regular feature of my wardrobe during the cold weather! 

Any absolute bargains in your wardrobe this week?

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