Friday, 1 February 2013

Smart casual...

With family coming to visit I wanted to look nice, but be warm and comfortable (old house cold house is so true!) so I popped this little ensemble together for the day.

Thick tights - wonderful for warmth AND tummy squashing magic. 

Floral wrap dress - an old favourite seen in early posts from Asda's sale rails, which I adjusted to fit better as it was a bit of an odd shape.

White polo neck - a basic from New Look that was around seven pounds, because we ALL ought to have these kinds of basics, it's practically the law.

Big fat belt from Peacocks - seen better days, gradually dying, ought to be replaced. 

Headband from Asda - you all recall the big DIY haircut and The Fringe - I'm growing it out at the moment (man alive but a fringe is high maintenance) and so rocking lots of headbands and hairclips. The added advantage of headbands is that they're basically a hat that you're allowed to wear indoors. Useful when you live in a giant refrigerator in the Somerset countryside. 

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