Thursday, 31 January 2013

Am I predictable?

My sister in law came for a visit at the weekend, with a surprise gift for me. She had been given a coat by her husband's sister which she didn't think was very 'her' - but she thought it WOULD be very me, so brought it over. 

She was SO right, it is very VERY me, all glossy and furry and in your face! 

We all know I'm partial to a bit of, erm, 'glam' in my look - and we all know it isn't to everyone's taste - but I love this coat like another child, it is the most glorious surprise gift. 

It's from Oasis - so I know it would never have made its way to my wardrobe were it not a gift - it breaks every 'what you rocking' rule of shopping, after all, but it is a thing of beauty. 

What wonderful fashion gifts were you given recently? Show me yours now I've shown you mine!

Also, if anyone fancies buying me a full length mirror that's more than 8" wide that would be REALLY useful! 

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