Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pound shop hair dye?

Months ago I dyed my hair bright red - and forgot from previous bright colour experiments that red fades almost immediately to orange, then to some kind of hideous salmon colour striped through with orange. 

This isn't a VERY good look but I knew I had to let it fade quite a bit before trying anything else - or spend a fortune I didn't have at a professional hairdresser rescuing the mess. 

I wanted to look more natural again so planned to go for a dark blonde colour, knowing it would pick up on the red, and I'd be something similar to my natural colour, only blonder. 

I have a bit of a poundland/99p shop addiction - but generally stick to buying tat because I worry other things won't match up to their more expensive counterparts. 

Then when browsing one day in poundland I found hair dye - in slightly smaller than the usual packets - made by Garnier. 

I went with this shade; because the boxes were small (and only a pound) and I have lots of hair I went with two boxes. 

(image from http://images-its.chemistdirect.co.uk/Garnier-Belle-Colour-Golden-Blonde-73-26773.jpg?o=O5SZJtLUZ7@Lithamssi3fuSdFwj&V=rY3H) 

Now - I followed the directions properly, I did exactly as I was meant to - and I know your final colour can differ from that on the box...but still! This isn't blonde - nor is it ANYTHING like the colour suggested! 

This is definitely, by anyone's standards, brown. Light brown, but definitely brown. 

Good job I love it isn't it! 

Now I need to do something about those split ends - another DIY haircut time do you think? Perhaps without the high maintenance fringe this time! 

So would I recommend poundland hair dye? Well, yes - as long as you don't mind the colour being a BIT hit and miss *understatement alert* it's turned out a lovely shade, looks like it has highlights, looks quite natural, and suits me - and I paid £2 to colour a full head of hair. I can't really complain at that can I! 


  1. You look gorgeous. It really does suit you xx

  2. I went to pound shop 3 year ago and got a dark brown hair dye because I was fed up of blonde and 3 years later this dark brown hair is still amazing, no roots, no fading😀 It's just as perfect as it was when I dyed it! And it was 2 for a pound...bargain, much better than hairdresser where roots would need doing every 2 month, recommended pound shop dye any day and proud