Friday, 15 February 2013

Check THIS out!

Sometimes when you have a very limited budget, you also have very limited choice.

That is now in your past. I promise. Only got a tenner to spend? NO WORRIES - you can buy TWO things! 

For I give you (you're welcome) the magic of Everything Five Pounds


For real, actually and honestly, everything really is five pounds! 

Dresses, shoes, bags, all of it, five pounds! 

You like this super cute floral dress? No worries - it's only a fiver!

Something smarter? Why not both! They're a FIVER!

Crazy for colour? Go for it - five whole English pounds!

Awesome top with cute heads floating on it, which may or may not be the cause for this lady's strange face (I think she's holding in a fart) FIVE POUNDS

Some shoes that I want to have actual sex with? Why not again - they're five pounds - pop them in the basket!

You inexplicably want some unflattering purple trousers that make you look like an Arabian prostitute? Heck, get two pairs, they're a fiver!

Maybe you fancy some trousers that actually look nice for work? FIVE POUNDS!

Want to look all sophis in an outfit you CANNOT WEAR NEAR CHILDREN? Sod it, do, it's only a fiver remember!

A sweet little clutch that is The Sex? Buy ME one, it's a fiver!

You will notice that it can be a bit hit and miss, some of the things are properly ugly, but some are lush, and they are ALL five pounds, and they add new lines every day. 

Get yourself over there already!

1 comment:

  1. everything 5 quid? that amazing! i must check this out..especially lovin the stripy tunic dress! have you bought anything yourself? i wonder what the quality is like, but at 5 pound you dont really mind if it only lasts a wee while! xx