Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Where did I go?!

So what happened?! Where did I go?! 

I was posting LOADS on here and rocking some seriously brilliant shizzle - and then pop, boom, I was gone - so what happened?

Well - I stopped working! I spent a few weeks loving every second of being at home with the kids so much that this slid...then I spent a few more weeks mostly rocking the look below...and that wasn't really one that could inspire fashion fabulous in anyone! 

Admittedly I'm rocking the hell out of that scraped back hair and fleece onesie - that's undeniable - but it's not really a look you can rock OUT of the house! 

A few tweets this week have reminded me how much fun this blog is, and how much better I feel when I ROCK something - so I decided to be a nice wife and mother again, get DRESSED, and head out - so be prepared people, #WhatYouRocking is back, and I'm going to be rocking it! 

(This particular onesie was a Christmas present from my amazing mother in law - who knows me too well!)

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