Wednesday, 30 January 2013

So what do I rock at home?

When I'm at home all day playing with the kids, and training the enormous puppy (a German Shepherd) and trying to keep warm and comfortable, what the heck should I wear?

Sometimes I can pull together something pretty stylish...sometimes I look like a deranged Pippi Longstocking - but you know what? I LIKE that look! 

Right here I'm rocking some leggings, a pair of 99p shop stripy socks, a mid thigh purple tunic dress and a long black cardi. 

Not the best photo ever but my mirror at home will never match up to the one I had at work ;-) 

Comfy, but not your average stay at home Mum look! 

I do have to say, though - the 99p shop is bloody  BRILLIANT for socks! 

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