Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer shopping

 Yesterday we went out for a nice family day. As we were getting ready to set off it was a little over cast and breezy, so it wasn't as warm as it's been for the past week. 

Looking at the clouds I dressed in jeans, deck shoes and a preppy long sleeved top. All very suitable for a breezy, overcast day at the seaside. 

By the time we arrived an hour later it was H.O.T.

Hot hot hot. 

Hubby laughed as I swealtered, and very kindly dropped me off outside New Look as he went to park the car. What a gent!

Seventeen pounds later I had this little ensemble. A floor length purple maxi skirt, with pockets, which is AMAZING, swishy and comfortable and a little bit sexy. A peach top, woven, more than a tiny bit see through. 

I fell in love with a few other things, but had just £30 to spend so restrained myself and stuck to the rules. Then came home, logged on to their website and showed hubby all the things I'd fallen in love with. I may be receiving a delivery this week! 

So what do you think? Better than sunstroke anyway! Am I the only person who has had to buy a whole new outfit when out and about after being baffled by the good old British summer?


  1. I always try and get a new outfit whenever we go out but it rarely happens.
    I'm jealous that you can wear maxi skirts, they look a bit silly on me because of my shape.
    You look very cool xx

    1. Your shape is lovely! I can't get away with many maxi dresses and you look amazing in those xxx