Thursday, 9 August 2012


I do so love my peach crochet top - I found it in a sale (New Look) and it is the kind of thing I never normally buy - or even try on - but is also the kind of thing my very trendy sister-in-law (who is much younger and prettier than I) often wears, and I always think she looks gorgeous. 

So now I am going to bore everyone I have ever known by wearing it far too often, until it falls into pieces. 

Huge heels - New Look - Owl Bag - Ebay - Massive Cardi - TKMaxx - Skirt - Asda - overall look - floral, pastel goodness

And just to stop me looking TOO cutesy - this amazing skull cameo broach from a blogger charity raffle. 


  1. I want your bag. *plots to steal bag*

    1. Dude, it was a fiver on ebay - I posted about it on here - BUY ONE!