Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A touch of blue

Today I couldn't decide how to dress - it's June so it should be summer - but it's not is it?!

I ended opting for this dress - I do love it, but it is a bit big and I constantly fiddle with it to keep my bra covered up, with varied levels of success.

The dress came from the last day of a sale in asda and cost £2.

The skirt on it was a bit of an odd style and some of the seam had pulled leaving a hole so I machine stitched it into a more flattering style and removed the skinny blue belt and always wear it with a chunky waist belt.

This sparkly one was £2.50 in Oxfam.

I got the necklace from a market stall for £5 and the earrings are from the British Heart Foundation - I think they were £4.

I have on a black cardigan, also from Asda from a couple of years back, and bright blue tights that are also a couple of years old and from a New Look sale bin.

Same shoes as yesterday - £16 from New Look - and topped off with a three year old white jacket from Peacocks, I paid £7 for it and love the bow on the back!

There are always real bargains to be had if you hold off until the last day of a sale - you might have less choice but with some imagination you can alter things and really change how they look to suit your style, and you'll be rocking something nobody else has.

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