Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Today I changed about twenty times before I left the house, having slept through my alarm - if I wake with plenty of time I wear the first thing I spot and don't fuss much but today I fussed and fussed!

Silly really because I ended up in a really simple outfit.

I love this dress because of the sparkly sweetheart collar. It's yet another Asda find - I think I paid £8, possibly £10. It means I don't have to think about jewellery because I can't wear a necklace with it anyway, and it sparkles and glimmers when I move, which makes me feel all special.

It is also a flattering fit and I can wear a skinny belt, a wide belt or no belt and still feel good in it.

This skinny coral belt came with the dress my husband bought me that I posted here so cost nothing extra - the matching shoes I bought for a Jubilee party (to go with that dress too!) and they were £16 in Matalan.

They're really comfortable but a little wide over the toes so clumpy to walk in!

This bangle here I got in the British Heart Foundation charity shop and it was about £2 and I love it - but it's silver and enamel so weighs rather a lot!

By the way - the pink things at the top of the shoes photo are my knuckles. No matter what Tamsin might say!

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